10/19/2022 | Excellent research needs excellent laboratories

Scientists need a working environment that inspires them as well as one in which they can enjoy working well.

Photo: City Campus University of Copenhagen, Hovedbygningen, Frue Plads (Photographer: Christoffer Regild)

If someone like Morten Meldal from the University of Copenhagen needs fume cupboards with a special working height for his research work, we make it possible. Always in the knowledge that good results are only possible with good equipment.

This is exactly what happened in his laboratory at the University of Copenhagen: during a routine experiment, Morten Meldal discovered that copper functions as a catalyst to bring about stable ring closure between two chemical groups, alkynes and azides. With this discovery, he made a significant contribution to "click chemistry," for which he has now received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, together with two other scientists.



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